What do the aerial connectors look like?

Car radio aerial connector identification 

If you can not see your aerial connector below, please take a clear photo of the connection and send it to us. We will then be able to advise you what adapter is required.  

Connectors used for Analogue (FM/AM) radio

DIN Male
DIN Female
Hirschmann Male
Hirschmann Female

Connectors used for Digital (DAB) radio and GPS

FME Male
FME Female
SMB Male
SMB Female
SMB Female
SMA Male
SMA Male
SMA Female
SMA Female
F-Type- Male
F-Type - Female
MMCX Female
MCX Male
MCX Female
HRS GT5 Male
HRS GT5 Female

Connectors used for analogue (FM/AM) and Digital (DAB) radio and GPS

Fakra Male
Fakra Female