Kinetic digitizor DAB, DAB+, DMB-A car radio

Dabonwheels DAB reception rating


Receives all Band III Digital Audio Broadcasts Worldwide (except Korea)

Works in any vehicle equipped with a 12 volt FM RDS tuner

Uses the vehicle’s original radio display

Operated by credit-card sized remote control (much more dependable than stalk control)

Patented AFC automatically retunes if interference from FM stations occurs

Aux-In allows playback of other audio devices through your radio

All functions of the vehicle’s original radio are retained

Can be installed in minutes (Quickfit Wireless Set—up)

Can be fully hidden to retain the vehicle’s original appearance (Wired Set-up)

Step-by-step instructions make installation easy

Simple wiring even in wired mode



Features & Benefits

The Kinetic ® digitizorTM M-DAB 0001 is an advanced in-car audio device that enables you to receive DAB radio easily in almost any vehicle whilst retaining the vehicle's factory appearance.

digitizor DAB is operated using a radio remote commander.  All messages relating to the system’s operations, e.g. station name, are displayed on the display of your FM RDS in-car audio system.  Since all connections are analogue, there is no possibility of incompatibility with the vehicle's software.

digitizor's sophisticated design incorporates a World leading high-sensitivity DAB chip and unique, patented AFC (Automatic Frequency Change) circuitry that overcomes the need to switch FM frequency manually when there is a conflict with an FM radio station. This feature is particularly useful in areas where there are many FM stations.

Unlike many DAB tuners, digitizor has a Pan-European specification and is capable of receiving all DAB, DAB+ and DMB-A transmissions in Band III (except in S. Korea).  There is no need to switch between DAB, DAB+ and DMB-A; digitizor receives all such stations automatically.

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