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Which aerial will give the best possible reception?

The Kinetic DRA-6006 is currently our best performing aerial.

Kinetic DRA-6006

What is the difference between the Kinetic DRA-6001/DRA-6003/DRA-6006?

The DRA-6001/6003/6006 all provide DAB/DAB+ and FM/AM reception.

The DRA-6001 and DRA-6003 are both made in China.

The DRA-6006 is made in Germany, and is the best performing aerial we stock.

The DRA-6003 and DRA-6003 have stubby masts, whereas the DRA-6001 has a longer mast.

If I install DAB, will I still be able to receive ordinary radio?

Yes.  All DAB head-units sold by dabonwheels also incorporate conventional FM/MW-AM/LW radio.  If you go for an add-on DAB unit you will still be able to receive conventional stations on your regular radio.

My vehicle is 24Volt. Can I still fit DAB?

Almost certainly.  Most modern 24 volt vehicles have a 12 volt auxiliary supply (10 amp minimum) which you can tap into.  Older vehicles may require a 24 to 12 volt (10 amp minimum) dropper.  The only exception might be petrol tankers etc with an ‘Isolated earth return’.  If in doubt, please consult your vehicle main dealer or an auto-electrician.

Why are there so few headunits in your shop?

Because, at present, they are the only units that we can guarantee will perform to your satisfaction.

Why can't I use a booster and a three star aerial?

Because a booster won’t compensate for poor signal.  If the signal is weak (because you are in a weak spot or because the aerial is not up to the job), adding a booster will help no more than binoculars will help you to see further in fog.

So why do some aerials incorporate a booster?

To compensate for losses in the cable between the aerial and the radio.

Which aerials are compatible with my car DAB receiver?

I have a problem with my dabonwheels purchase. What should I do?

Please check our Warranty & Aftersales Service page

How can tell if the product that I wish to order is in stock?

If the item you want has a ‘Add to Basket’ button, it’s in dabonwheels’ stock

It's days since I placed my order but I have not received it yet?

Royal Mail First Class is not a guaranteed ‘Next day’ service.  Up to 16 working days must be allowed before First Class items are considered lost.  If it’s more than 16 working days since your order was dispatched, please advise us here and we will issue a refund or dispatch a replacement (your choice).

How do I obtain a VAT invoice for my purchase?

Your VAT invoice is attached to the e-mail that we send you when we dispatch your order.

What delivery services do we offer?

Delivery of all orders within the UK, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Isles is free of charge by insured Royal Mail First Class.   A signature is required on delivery of most items.

Orders placed before 12.00 noon, Monday to Friday, are normally despatched same day.*

We do offer Royal Mail Special Delivery by 1PM delivery. Please email us if you want this service.

Why email only?

Advantages of e-mail

You can send your questions at any time to suit you — 60/60/24/7/365.

Your question is recorded so you can refer to it later if necessary. So can we if you ask a follow-up question that must be answered by a different member of staff.

Our answer won’t be a fob-off; it will be a considered reply by someone who knows his DAB onions. And, of course, it recorded so you can refer to it later if necessary.

Photos and diagrams can be sent via e-mail.

Waiting for an e-mail reply is less frustrating than hanging on the phone.

Email is free — keeps prices down.


Advantages of telephone

Telephone is quicker than e-mail if you can get through to the right person straightway.


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