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dabonwheels.com > The best DAB car radio aerials and antennae, DAB in-car radios, and DAB car radio parts and accessories | JVC HAL-4 DAB External Glass Mount Car Aerial                                      JVC HAL-4 DAB car aerial

 DAB Car Radio Aerials and Antennae > JVC HAL-4 DAB External Glass Mount Car Aerial

dabonwheels Guaranteed Minimum Reception Rating (with suitable radio)
  Three Star. 
Fair.  Will provide listenable reception in strong and medium signal areas.
Few patches of no reception within the official coverage areas.

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JVC HAL-4 DAB car aerial

What's included


JVC HAL-4 DAB car aerial.
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Sorry discontinued
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You will also need:
A DAB radio.   

Self adhesive.
Easy to install.
No holes required.
Mast can be unscrewed for carwash etc.

Unsuitable for use on reflective coated, double glazed or heated screens.
Adhesive may damage some plastic screen surfaces.
Once it has been permanently installed, this aerial can only be returned for refund if it proves faulty. It is possible, however, for you to test this aerial to your satisfaction by temporarily fixing it in place with sticky tape.

Rod length 345 mm
External Base 56 x 40 x 19 mm
Internal base 56 x 40 x 15.5 mm
0-90 deg approx. pivot in the external base
Cable length 5 metres
Connector SMB (F)
DAB Band III 174 - 237 Mhz
DAB L-Band 1452 - 1492 Mhz
Impedance 50 ohm


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